DeliverMe Fees

DeliverMe Fees

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DeliverMe charges fees based on the services being offered. You can find the breakdown of specific fees here.  

Delivery Fee

On some occasions the delivery fees may differ based on the distance your delivery address is from the corresponding store. There will be a clear indication of this when you are choosing your delivery time.

We do not take any percentage take from your restaurant. Delivery fee is a flat rate of R30 

*Keep in mind there may be an order minimum amount before you’re eligible for delivery.

Taxes & Fees 

Like any other service or product, VAT is included in the order totals on your delivery receipt that’s emailed to you upon the completion of your order. The VAT and/or fees you pay on products purchased through DeliverMe are calculated the same way as in a physical store.  Depending on your location, the delivery or service fee that you pay to DeliverMe in exchange for its service may also be subject to VAT.

There are a few different fees involved when you place an order–

  • VAT: This sales tax is applied to all of the items in your order in accordance with local laws.
  • Heavy Fee: This fee helps cover operational costs and only applies to an order once the combined estimated weight of certain items totals to above 25kg.
  • Bag Fees: A fee is charged for use of non-reusable bags.  This fee may be applied to your order in accordance with local laws.


We encourage tipping as a way to show delivery drivers appreciation and recognition for excellent service. 100% of your tip goes directly to the delivery drivers delivering your order. 

We have no default tip is set, it can be the percentage you choose during the placement of your order. Tips are optional and are paid to your delivery driver when the is complete. 

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