DeliverMe Health and Safety Update

DeliverMe health and safety update

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The health and safety of the entire DeliverMe community is always our top priority. We’ve implemented a number of health and safety updates related to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and introduced service options available on the DeliverMe platform.

Safely delivering your orders

We’re working closely with national and local authorities, as well as health and safety experts, to actively monitor national health situations and ensure our partner stores operate safely and with minimal disruption to service. Our stores adhere to recommended Health and Safety Guidelines and have and will continue to share them with our staff and delivery drivers to ensure they take the appropriate precautions to safely deliver your order.

Contactless Delivery option 

Contactless Delivery option gives you more flexibility in choosing how you receive orders. Simply check the box for Contactless Delivery at checkout. You can leave additional instructions for your delivery driver and receive a confirmation once your groceries have or will be delivered. 

Saying thank you to your shopper 

DeliverMe staff & drivers serve as household heroes for families in the Cape Town community. When you order, please consider tipping above and beyond to reflect the extra effort of your delivery driver during this busy time.

Health and safety impacts

During certain periods such as large-scale, national events happen, mass purchasing might heavily impact the restaurant industry. In order to help us respond, we’ve put some additional measures in place

  • Low-Stock:
    For low-availability items, a replacement item might be selected to fulfill your order.
  • Item Purchase Limit:
    Attempting to add more than the purchase limit for these items will automatically reset the selection to the maximum allowed limit and will notify you that you’ve exceeded the purchase limit.

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