Adding Order Instructions & Notes

Adding Order Instructions & Notes on DeliverMe

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By adding instructions for how you’d like your order prepared or delivered, you can let our staff & delivery driver know about your preferences or help them find your apartment to drop off your order! 

Item instructions 

You can add item instructions on the checkout page, or in some instances on the products page

  • From the checkout page—click Order Notes and leave information for our staff and delivery drivers to follow 
  • After you’ve ordered—visit the Account page to review your orders and add any instructions (Only available prior to the order being accepted by the store)

Order instructions don’t carry over to future orders. Always make sure to review your notes when you order the same items in the future. 

Delivery instructions 

Adding delivery instructions can help delivery drivers deliver your order in a timely manner. Your delivery driver will see these instructions before they start heading your way. 

The information which would be useful info to include are:

  • Parking locations
  • Building security or gate information
  • Specific directions for hard-to-locate front doors
  • Any markers on your home that might help the driver find the best entrance

You can add delivery instructions while placing the order, as well as after placing the order ( but only prior to your order being collected for delivery) or when adding an address to your account. 

Thank you for reading.

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